FRIDA Yggeseth

My name is Frida Yggeseth and I’m an Interior Architect, Designer and Spatial Architect. I’m currently finishing my Master’s Degree at University of Bergen this spring, and I'm proud to have graduated my BA(Hons) with a 2:1 from Arts University Bournemouth.

My desire is to work in a diverse environment where we bring people’s different expertise into everything we do, so that I can further develop as an architect and build upon my cooperative and creative skills. My career goal is to assume a role which allows me to manage and be responsible of projects on a larger scale and to achieve further insight and experience in urban planning and «urban interior architecture».

As designers we have the ability to influence people's experience of designs, and sometimes even opinions on great matters. Aesthetics is something I value and something I’ll always prioritize, and I dare to be experimental when approaching new projects. Comfort, health, stimuli and sensual experiences are just a few key words I like to focus on in my design process, and I like to treat our planet well, keeping that in mind in everything I do.